How It works

How It Works


articleWith Guardian Finance, you are able to provide your customers financing with absolutely NO Credit Check! Our goal is to provide you new customers by expanding your market to those who suffer with bad credit and to allow your customers to afford products and services from you by spreading out the payments. The best part is that the risk is free to you. That's right, there are absolutely no recourse.


 Customer Requirements

check2Currently Employed

check2Not in Check Systems

check2Valid Checking Account

check2Valid Drivers License/State Issued or Military ID


Customer Benefits

check2No Hassles!

check2No Credit Approval Needed!

check2Their Check Writing History Gets Them Approved!

check2Payments are Automatically Deducted From Their Account

check2They Get The Goods or Services Up Front and Pay over 6 Months!


Your Benefits

check2No Recourse

check2Absolutely Risk Free!

check2Simple Approval Process

check2Sales DRAMATICALLY Increase!

check2Your Customize the Payment Plan


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Example of Customer Purchase & Payment Plan

Customer Example 1

Purchase Price $1,700

Down Payment Today: $304.70

13 Payments: $117.50

Customer Example 2

Purchase Price $580.00

Down Payment: $127.86

13 Payments: $40.48


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What Makes This Program Special

Just imagine a customer needs treatment or care with a cost of $1500 dollars but does not have the insurance, credit, or upfront cash to pay for services now but could over a period of time.

With our financing program your practice now can treat this patient while 100% Guaranteeing that your practice will be paid without the headaches of billing and collections!

There are no credit checks done and all the customer has to have is a 20% down payment a valid state ID, a valid checking account, and a qualifying gross monthly income.  In the case of the $1500 dollar medical or dental bill the customer would need verifiable gross monthly income of $3000 for 90 day financing or $1500 for 180 day financing. If married a spouses income can be counted towards the customers gross monthly income. The customer would then write one check for the down payment and our patented system will ACH the customer's account for the rest of his or her care or treatment.

Again, you never have to worry about billing or collecting on these customer.  Once approved your payments for these checks are 100% guaranteed to your practice. Each check is processed on the date that it matures and directly deposited into your business account. If they bounce it is not your problem because our processor services has already funded these checks for you and will handle all of the billing and collection issues.


Patient Qualification

Your customer must have a valid ID: Current Driver's License, State ID or Military ID
Customer provides one acceptable pre-printed check or a bank verification form can be used.
No new checking accounts - the larger the check sequence number the better


Expenses For This Program May Be Passed Through To Your Patients

This practice is customary and reasonable as you have to make special customer financing available and take on these extra costs in order to allow them to purchase your services.


Business Fees

The business pays a onetime setup fee to offer this patented financing program of $495. You never pay this again, this covers the overhead for onsite training and support. You will also pay a monthly service fee of $15 dollars for as long as you want to offer this customer financing program. Lastly, there is a .30 cent charge for each check processed. Your initial contract is for one year it really is that simple and that inexpensive.

*There are no hidden fees and you don't need to sign a long-term contract or buy any equipment.*


Customer Fees

The customer will pay 20% per financing agreement and 7.5% of the total invoice. Payment amounts and dates are as flexible as you want them to be. The invoice has to be paid in full within 180 days or less of the service being rendered.
All payments are 100% Guaranteed to you if you follow the program client qualification process.



Once your customer has been approved, you can send a electronic request for Approval.
If approved, you will be paid up to the first $1500 of the bill up front with no recourse.

If the total amount processed is equal to or less than $1500 then you will be paid the total amount
with in 24-48 hours.

Approved Businesses


Auto Repair

Transmission Repair

Appliance Stores

Cell Phone Dealers

Dental Offices

Medical Practices

Fertility Clinics

Plastic Surgeons

Lawn Equipment

Office Equipment Sales


Heavy Equipment Rentals

Mattress Sales

Approved Businesses





Roto-Rooter Services

Consumer Electronics

Computer Stores

Computer Repair


Musical Instrument Sales

Tree/Plant Sales

Wedding Dress Dealers

Pool Table Sales

Sporting Goods

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We appreciate your business! If you like to know more, feel free to contact us as one of our representatives will answer all your questions you might have. Its simple to get started and we guarantee a no hassle experience, the Guardian Financial Group way!

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