Our program allows you, THE MERCHANT, to give out fast approvals and receive 100%

of the sale amount, deposited into your account in as little as 48 hours!More...

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    Poor Credit Financing Has Dried Up

    On June 29th of 2010 our program was granted a United States Patent on this unique financing system that is helping over 10,000 merchants currently across the country.  


    This program is spreading across the country fast due to the economy being in a slump and the fact that people are not able to find financing anymore through traditional credit channels like credit cards and banks.

    90% of the American population is still working and still able to pay their bills but financing has all but dried up for those with no credit, average credit, or poor credit. This financing program fills that gap!

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    Easy Up Sale, Increase Sales By 60%

    Imagine being able to finance anyone with a checking, savings, valid ID and proof of income. With the 3 things your customer can get approved on the spot! With credit in America at an all time low, consumers are looking for a alternate finance options. The answer is no credit check financing.
    Our program allows you, THE MERCHANT, to give out fast approvals and recieve 100% of the sale amount, deposited into your account in as little as 48 hours!
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    Converts checks into Guaranteed Electronic Debits

    check2Your payments are 100% Guaranteed
    check2No Credit Check
    check2No Collections Responsibilities
    check240% to 60% Increase In Business
    check2Strong Referrals From Happy Patients
    check2Approval In Seconds
    check2Fills Financing Gaps

    check2 Low Start Up Costs Simple Process

    check2You are funded upfront on approved customers

    check2Ongoing Training & Support

    check2 Flexibility Of Payment Amounts & Dates
    check2 7.5% Fee paid by patient - Not You!
    check2 Customers Get Product or Service Now Not Later

100% Guaranteed Payments


Approved in Minutes


Customers Pay Only 7.5%


Low Startup Costs


Approved Businesses


Auto Repair

Transmission Repair

Appliance Stores

Cell Phone Dealers

Dental Offices

Medical Practices

Fertility Clinics

Plastic Surgeons

Lawn Equipment

Office Equipment Sales


Heavy Equipment Rentals

Mattress Sales

Approved Businesses





Roto-Rooter Services

Consumer Electronics

Computer Stores

Computer Repair


Musical Instrument Sales

Tree/Plant Sales

Wedding Dress Dealers

Pool Table Sales

Sporting Goods

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